A Candle with a Story”

 If you could combine the qualities of gentleness, humility, a thoughtful nature and the desire to always do what’s right, and if you could wrap these qualities up into a real person and gave him a name, you would call him John-Mark Roller, the creator of JohnMark Candles. John-Mark Roller was born with Spina Bifida and has spent most of his life in a wheelchair. And yet, those that know him well understand that his condition is not a disability in life or in business.

John-Mark Roller started at Wall High School as a sophomore. I’ve been amazed at how he sees life as a journey and he never lets anything stop him. I see John Mark everyday and he is an inspiration, whether you’re disabled or not. He makes us better…no question.”

Russell Dacy, Principal, WHS

John-Mark Roller is a senior at Wall High School, and in his junior year he was given what seemed to be a standardized test for choosing a career path. Who would have thought that my frustration in filling out a career opportunity assessment would lead me to where I am today,” John-Mark recounts. But that was just the beginning.

While researching career choices for his future, John-Mark was introduced to candle making. This introduction not only launched a company, but a vision and a determination to create a candle that would end up “Bringing Light to Life” in an assortment of luscious fragrances that would insure JohnMark Candles would become his customer’s favorite candle!

John-Mark is phenomenal, happy young man. One day I asked him if he could make a candle that smells like laffy-taffy, my favorite candy. The next morning John-Mark brought me a lovely pink candle that smells just like laffy-taffy, and he named it Fancy Nancy after me!”

Nancy Book, Attendance Clerk, WHS